Lisbon DON’TS. A 3 ★★★ city

I want to continue my previous post about Lisbon don’ts, so here we start:

1. do not avoid travel insurance…..never ever. This is a general tip about travelling. Buget travel means to be wise about your expenses not always cheap or no expense.

2. do not book accomodation out of the city center as Lisbon is not easy to walk and 2 km might be a nightmare to have 4 rounds a day.

3. do not expect salted bacalao to be an exhaltation of sense. It’s a traditional basic food, but you might try it.

4. do not be surprised if net pics are better than reality… is not a clean city, unfortunatelly. It is better than Paris Saint Denis although.

5. and maybe the most important don’t….please do not over plan on visiting all in 3 days, not even in a week. It is a city to return to so be relaxed and keep 2-3 objectives per day. This includes also parks, views, museums, restaurant or local experiences.

6. avoid cork souvenirs as they look cheap….and low quality.

In general avoid transit flights if few savings and avoid late hour flights or really early in the morning. If not 50% less then it is not worth the savings, beacouse the quality of your trip will be diminished too much.

Also in any city I would recommend some interesting experiences f you feel like having one. From my point of view this are the ones that stays with you forever. For me this would be: local markets (not the one in the guides), free city tours by locals, local taverns, museums for contemporary arts, parks, cooking classes by locals, classes of your own interest, public transport, inspiring souvenirs like maybe sending a physical postcard, and sometimes staying with locals although not always a great experience for me.

Overall I would rate Lisbon a 3 stars city, considering one star for overrated and 5 stars for exceeding any expectations. A big plus – they speak English.


3 thoughts on “Lisbon DON’TS. A 3 ★★★ city

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