Barcelona for New Year’s Eve. 5 things what not to expect.

I’ve spent one New Year’s Eve in Barcelona and it was one of the worsts. This is because I didn’t pay attention or checked the forums before going.

So let’s start:

  1. Don’t expect the weather to be great, as I did. I was freezing and in need to buy clothes for winter as my luggage was for spring. Check the weather.
  2. Don’t expect public concerts or celebrations like we have in my home country, where everybody attends in public markets.
  3. if you still do wanna do go out in Plaza Catalunya you shall be with the immigrants, all crowded, fireworks and a lot of alcohol in the air. It quickly becomes a ring for street fights and broken bottles.
  4. Everything closes early at night, but at least there are a lot of beer can vendors. So please make your shopping ahead, check for restaurant and stay at home late at night.
  5. If no reservation ahead, restaurants are full and often closed before midnight. Catalans stay with families and friends and go out after midnight. I ended up having a panini on La Rambla and then entering a club for the night.

So, please prepare your trip by checking the weather, packing accordingly, checking the restaurants, maybe a concert.

Be polite and respectful with the locals as they tend to be very family linked and to observe specific habits like the eating of grapes.



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