Barcelona, what not to do or see from top 10 of travel websites.

If something that was a bit disappointing to me  from the tops of tripadvisor for example it would be……………

  1. visiting Sagrada Familia after queuing for 3 hours in a hot summer day. My mistake about not buying online or pay more to skip the line. The exterior is much more impressive compared to the interior that is under construction a big part of it. And it is always so crowded….really….too crowded.
  2. staying in El Gotic quarter…..or visiting at night. Too crowded and some streets too unsafe.
  3. Passeig de Gracia is a modernist architectural street that fades to all the Gaudi’s buildings….
  4. La Boqueria market near La Rambla is too touristic, too crowded, too expensive and too theatrical ….it does not cater for locals. Instead, go to local markets in Sant Antoni nearby. You really feel Barcelona.

All in all it is an amazing city to visit, …… many times. The quality of living there makes so many Europeans to wish to move or to move there each year.



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