Barcelona top DOs

After the previous post about my don’t do list in Barcelona here are some definitely MUST DOs while in this city. In fact there are a lot of things to do, but especially just relax….and enjoy the calm of the locals.

  1. chose the period just right; go for sunbath but avoid the big tourist invasion of August. Also mid summer is sometimes too hot; I am convinced now that August is to be avoided. 
  2. do stay in Poble Nou to be close to the beach or in Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample to be in the city but not in the tourist area and not too far away from the center.
  3. do check for the room amenities and AirCon in the summer. Especially if you book through try to read between the lines and do not trust completely the reviews. I rather choose, for an additional small amount, to book a hotel through my favorite search engine, Now, after more than 150 bookings I have made on the website, I have a genius discount, plus a code for discounts on things to see and do. If I also book through wizzair website I have a 10% credit on flights. But do book in advance – Is a must!
  4. do rent a car at least for a couple of days to go to the surrounding beaches or at Montserrat. Well is it better to take the bus for Montserrat.
  5. do leave the museum visits for the third visit to Barcelona and hit the city. Take the path of modernist architecture. Just admire the buildings and especially the hidden squares and parks, the public works of art. Have a churros with a latte on a bench and watch the people walking, smile at the old ladies that looks like my grandma.
  6. be polite as the locals are so nice and welcoming. Unfortunately you’ll see that it is hard to make friendships as they are closed to tourists and foreign languages are not a plus. Anyway, don’t you ever skip the line.
  7. go to concerts – check
  8. go shopping for local brands, for outlets near La Rambla. Look for the local designers as they are not expensive but so creative.
  9. eat at local restaurants where you see the blue and white collars. Always take the menu of the day, ask for explanations in English as they are very eager to help you.  Eat and night out in Gracia neighborhood rather than Marina area. Never La Rambla.
  10. Visit the local markets, even La Boqueria, although I would recommend the ones out of touristic paths. Have oysters and the fresh juices (keep in mind the juices are good because of the added sugar…

While in Barcelona adopt the local habits of relaxing, long siesta, churros and latte, eating out and late drinks, after 10 pm…..It is hard the first day, then it comes so natural and addictive. If you have time have Spanish classes or at least cooking classes.












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