Milan’s hidden surprise. A cemetery!

It is hard nowadays to be impressed when you travel in famous European cities, because you are over exposed to palaces, fairy tales castles, wealth, churches, famous sculptures and paintings, a lot of gold and marble, birthplace of so many art movements like renaissance, impressionism, expressionism, cubism or DADA. An the list is just at the beginning.

That is why I am more impressed by authentic traditional neighborhoods, taverns, street food and contemporary art. There is something more authentic than Rembrand which you see in every major museum because it was a very proficient painter hired by all the royalties of his time. I like more Magritte and Bosch, or the american expressionism sustained by Peggy Guggenheim. Miro is over rated, never escaping his style, even Salvador Dali, like an eccentric teenager.

But let’s come back to my surprise I found in Milan – The Monumental Cemetery. I was reluctant to visit but being in my way from Isola neighborhood to the Arch of Peace, I just entered and I do not regret it.

This is where I have seen the most beautiful works of art, old and new, and a sense of peace and tranquility. 

Now I leave the pics to tell the story. Just go, look at the entry for the map of the masterpieces as the area is so vast. Have a rest under the trees and just feel the calm and the peace of this place.

Thanks a lot to all the rich people of Milan. Their pride and show off made my day!





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