Paris DON’Ts, part 2 with some hidden dos.

As the list was becoming too big I decided to do a part two and to share other dos that I definitely love about the city of lights and love. Here is part one

Let’s get started, now I am more direct:

  1. if this is your first time in Paris then book in the city center to know the city by foot. I always book close to Georges Pompidou or Marais, the art neighborhood of Paris. I personally don’t like Le Quartier Latin as it is too loud, but good for restaurants and nightlife. I do not book near Les Halles as it is the sex area of Paris. The list can go on, ask me for suggestions.
  2. restaurants are tiny. Literally you eat elbow to elbow with other guests. I am not a fan of this, but it seems this is Paris.
  3. waiters are not known for their politeness towards tourist, or this is just my feeling. If they are, then it is a condescend attitude or a highly exaggerate one when in luxury shops or venues.
  4. don’t believe everything they say – and I am talking about tripadvisor or other review and travel tips sites. It can be deceptive about restaurants, and their reviews are not verified like or
  5. night out in Paris is expensive – 7 euros a beer or 15 euros a cocktail, for me is expensive. Have a drink in the room before going out as getting drunk will cost you a lot. Wines in supermarkets are affordable, around 3- 4 euros a medium one.
  6. most of the restaurant, when they have a cheap tourist menu, I have the impression they serve can food, like duck. Better go to a bakery, it is more authentic and sure. Parisian bread is a delight.
  7. or if really on a low budget supermarkets are great and affordable – I recommend Franprix for their selection of ready to go meals.
  8. it is over crowded in summer and holidays so avoid if more of a lonely person, to have the city all for yourself. It is also very polluted in summer and very hot.
  9. as we came to weather just be aware that there are seasons here, not like in southern Europe so check the weather apps before going and pack accordingly. I once spent a New Years Eve in Paris and I was just freezing to death as I went with spring clothing.
  10. don’t over pack but pay attention at your clothes as you go to the capital of fashion an Parisians are fashionistas to the bone..and judgmental about tourists.
  11. So put on your best clothes and do the favorite sport in Paris – people watching and judging, from the terraces of small bistros, on the pedestrian way.
  12. don’t waste time – for cheap shopping, for shopping malls, for queuing at the museums.
  13. Also please stop buying the cheap souvenirs like fridge magnets and those found in shops near Les Halles, like Pylones ( although an interesting concept). Go instead to a book shop and buy albums of Paris or go even to les bouquinistes on the river Seine. This could be also a tourist trap.
  14. stop putting lockers on bridges – they end up at recycling and it’s a cheap superstition. Don’t worry – If you’re in loved you will come back to Paris together.
  15. if a beginner than visit maximum 3 museums and do pay for skipping the line, as you save time for walking in the museum – Louvre, Georges Pompidou and Brancusi, Mussee d’Orsay. They are huge so one visit is not enough. Plan what to see especially in Louvres.
  16. do not over plan – there are so many things to see that you’ll end up exhausted if wanna see everything. Instead be smart and choose. Paris is a city to come back again and again so don’t worry about missing some famous spots.
  17. a great way to see the architecture is by boat, the famous batteaux mouches. It worth every penny. Stop at Eiffel tour and take a walk.
  18. remember Paris center is fairly new, mid 19th century by baron Haussemann, at the order of Napoleon the third who wanted large avenues so the protestants can’t make barriers.
  19. Versailles is great but it is a hole day so not on your first visit. 
  20. in fact you’ll get used quickly in Paris with wealth of the buildings that it gets boring. I go out of the beaten paths and go to canal St Martin, Botanical Garden, Luxembourg gardens. Paris is full of parks, small squares to have a coffee and watch, a lot of hidden small green squares with some benches and a statue fountain. Just go by foot in Marais and you’ll discover so many hidden heavens, or Montmarte behind the Sacre Coeur, not in front.

I always like in Paris to walk the less famous streets and neighborhoods, to have a coffee Sunday morning in front of Georges Pompidou when the streets are empty and the real Parisians go out to have a breakfast and walk their french bulldogs.

If in Paris for a longer time then have some free tours, a gastronomic tour, although quite expensive, some french lessons and photography classes as you have the best scenery. Go to markets and get in loved!

Check some apps I like – Eathwith and LikeALokal!

If in summer take your swimsuit for Paris Plage on the river of Seine.




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