The Hobbit, a restaurant in Brugges like no other. 5★★★★★.

When I was working in Lille, I always rented a car for wondering around and discover the cities of Europe. This is how I run into a restaurant in Brugges that is unlike others, The Hobbit. Decoration, the name, the menu, the service was a great surprise, that I always came back for several times.

The Hobbit Brugges location

And I always had ribs “a volonte”, as much as you can. Never had the second portion as the first one is too big but I also tried mussels, a specific meal, and carbonnade flamande, one of my favorites in Lille and Brussels, a heavy meal but very tasty.

The Hobbit is perfectly blending with the city, it’s houses, it’s canals and churches…you almost expect to be served by Bilbo Baggins.

It remains a 5★★★★★ restaurant for me, not too fancy but great food and atmosphere.


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