Le Crocodile, a must visit restaurant in Lille, Villeneuve d’Ascq.

If hungry, really hungry, the you must visit Le Crocodile in Villeneuve d’Ascq, Lille metropolitan area. First time I was really amazed. It is a kitschy decoration, a blend of traditional with two railway wagons added on the sides and sounds of locomotive sometimes. It can be fun for children but even for you to eat on specific wagon sofas.


But the best thing is the all you can eat menus and the center table to choose from the starters. It is impressive in terms of choice and never been disappointed by the cook. The bread is delicious, well we’re in France. And the deserts …… heaven on earth.

This is not a Michelin stars restaurant, not even a really fancy one from the city center, like the Sheraton in Shanghai where I had the greatest experience in terms of show and view but not food.

But it serves its purpose very well, exceeding expectations. It is in my own scale a 4★★★★ restaurant, really affordable for France. Don’t eat to Le Flunch, as it has almost the same price but food isn’t great.


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