Famous art Biennials, Triennials, and Miscellennials.

Related to museum visit or exhibitions I am more of a contemporary art fan than Rembrandt. Not that I didn’t find in previous centuries painters that impressed me, like Goya and his black series or El Greco, but I love the power of visual arts starting with the expressionism of Matisse. Photography invention in the 19th century made the biggest service to visual arts, breaking the link between painting and family portraits in an academic, realistic in fact, manner.

For a outsider, there is an inflation lately of art fairs and exhibitions, galleries and events, pros and cons. I have no idea where to start, except for the top 5 contemporary art museums of the world….. And yes, thank you Peggy.

So I found on the internet a list of 2018 events here and a top 20 Biennials, Triennials, and Miscellennials , courtesy of artnet News

Calendar 2019:
Calendar 2018:





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