Traditional food map of the world

I am always looking in my trips to taste the local, traditional foods, most of them street foods as I believe food is a way to express itself for every nation, the history and the events they encountered along the way, the geographic and demographic. I do believe in a food diplomacy. So I want to share a map I found and then by a series of posts my personal feeling about it. I do believe that southern Europe has the best cuisine, better than in France, and Asia is a food experience, but not a very day food for an European, except maybe the thai. Anyway Chinese food in Europe is not the real Chinese food I’ve eaten in Ningbo in a very traditional restaurant, not liked it at all. South American food is very European, except maybe for the fresh juices that are amazing – just keep in mind that they taste good because they add sugar. Northern European food is very fat due to the winters there.


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