Sicily, 3 MUST DOs in a top 4★ ★ ★ ★ destination, less known.

I often misjudged this island for a mafia land, a poor island with nothing to offer. Too good I made some Sicilian friends and have them flying to me for a week. I completely changed my mind and  here are their recommendations that would make Sicily in top 3 islands of Mediterranean.

1. La Vucciria the ancient open air market of Palermo is heaven for street food, cheap drinks and night parties. It’s a must do, like all sicilianos on a weekend.

2. Beaches like the Caribbean ones. The list is impressive either for white sand like San Vito lo Capo or lagoons with lime stone caves in the reserve of Zingaro , both of them near Palermo. You must try granita on the first beach.

3. Food to die for, specific Sicilian. Here are the top 3 you must taste at La Vucciria market: panelle made of chickpeas flour eaten in a sandwich with lemon, arancino a ball of rice filled with meat or sauces and then deep fried, canolli Sicilian recipe with chocolate on the waffle – heaven on earth. They cooked for me.

And there are more to see, starting with history, as it was under the occupation of many people starting with the Greeks and maors, and the last ones leaved an imprint to the very specific Palermo architecture. The Etna Volcano is a must see when in Sicily.


3 thoughts on “Sicily, 3 MUST DOs in a top 4★ ★ ★ ★ destination, less known.

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