Top 10 personal DON’Ts and DOs for a relaxed city break getaway

After few years of traveling and hundreds of city breaks leisure or business, I can definitely suggest some things to do or to avoid for a relaxed trip. I often came back exhausted and nervous because I put too much pressure on me. So here we go:

1. Try to avoid very early flights or very late in the night at your way back. It doesn’t worth saving 30 euros. The best is coming back one day earlier than the first day of work.

2. The best is to travel off season if it is possible, especially if you are more of a lonely person, with agoraphobia. It is less crowded, you spend less time queuing at museums or top attractions, and it is way cheaper. You’ll get more comfort for the same money.

3. Don’t rent cars if only few days in the destination, or just for transportation from a distant airport to the city center. It is best to pay more for the flight or to use public transport. No car means less expenses and less hassle for parking.

4. Don’t book hotels with breakfast or meal plans in city breaks. You are there to enjoy local life, cafes and local restaurants. Go to local markets, it is the best experience.

5. Don’t over-plan. If in a very touristic destination like Rome take into account to buy online your ticket with skip the line extra option.

6. Take some cash with you to avoid exchange in airports, have copies of your documents and leave at home your valuables. It is best to not cry over a watch than to have the pressure of fashion. They don’t know you so relax.

7. Don’t overpack and be relaxed about forgetting things. I found everywhere everything I needed, from products of cosmetics to pharmaceuticals. Even in Dhaka in Bangladesh.

8. Buy locally, avoid international chains, buy local design souvenirs. Or don’t buy at all. It is best to send an actual postcard. Think about it.

9. Have a travel insurance, it relaxes you. And hope you don’t need it.

10. Relax relax relax. Avoid any unnecessary hassle like taxis.

Wait other tips in comments bellow. Enjoy.


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