Brussels, 3 things to return for, that are not cultural.

Indeed it is a small town and maybe too under rated. It is less appreciated  than Bruges although I found it more attractive in so many multicultural ways. Yes he is dirty and sometimes scary in some of its parts but it has so magnificent buildings like in Harry Potter movie and hidden parks. Not to mention about Magritte museum and Horta museum.

If I would return to Brussels this is my personal top 3, without museums or architecture, which are obvious :

  1. chocolate, waffles and beer in so many ways, shapes and tastes. But mainly chocolate chocolate chocolate. I really don’t know its history with Brussels but thanks for
  2. if in winter then carbonnade flamande with frites, mitraliere sandwich, or a hot dog with cabbage in a vendor stand in x-mas faires. Street food in Brussels is so heavy, delicious, a caloric bomb. One portion gets you one week of diet. Just be aware about the number of portions you have in a city break. Do not abstain yourself from indulging this northern Europe delights.carbonnade fritland
  3. in every season the night life. It is vibrant, near Grand Place or St Catherine place, and it is cheaper than France or Netherlands. Beer is a must while in Belgium and especially the monks beers.nightlife brussels

Have a look at our list of events to choose something that could be more of an experience that just to visit it and check a list of top attractions chosen by a majority that maybe does not meet your expectations.

And don’t forget to visit the Taschen Bookshop, a personal favorite in Brussels.


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