Bali events for 2018

I definitely believe that a destination like Bali worths to be visited during a major event. It is a moment to remember all time. I found bellow some resources about festivals in Bali, this would be the best I have seen so far.

Bali calendar of events feature a full list of festivities and colours. These owe much to the culture and traditions of the Balinese. Here, a special calendar system called the pawukon rotates every 210 days. It governs the daily chores and the elaborate rites of passage a Balinese goes through throughout their entire lives. The calendar system also charts small to grand temple anniversaries. Knowing coinciding dates can help you witness one on your visit. A rare sight that’s unique in Bali is the Saka New Year celebration. It’s based on another different system, known as the Saka lunar calendar. This turn of the year is celebrated in total silence throughout the island. The whole of Bali literally shuts down into total silence. Many other cultural events and highlights are also part of the Bali experience. Check out our Bali events calendar below to see if one matches your Bali holiday plans!

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