66 euros flight Bucharest to Rome for World Gelato Day in March

World Gelato Day is the same with European Gelato day and takes place on the 24th of March. This would be a two in one trip or the best excuse to visit Rome. Either way it is an experience and Rome is a city to return every time you get a chance. Check our other resources about Rome here.

The price is for wizzair subscribers, more dates are available, also with Ryanair. Accommodation is still cheap in this period and there are good rooms on AirBnb also.

Note that we are not an online tourism agent and do not provide services of any commercial type. We just share what we find and give you suggestions about great destinations in the best periods.

Happy European Gelato Day!

Today, in the Old Continent, we celebrate artisanal gelato; since July 2012, the European Parliament has chosen March 24thas the international day to celebrate the cold dessert of excellence. The purpose of the initiative is to protect the authenticity and the originality of homemade ice cream in order to defend the rights of both consumers and producers. Seen in the Italian tradition of gelato, this day assumes a particular relevance for the country, that is filled with many special initiatives (for example, there are even music playlist dedicated to Gelato Day) to support today more than ever the authenticity of food Made in Italy.


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