Il Gelato di Claudio Torcè, probably the best gelato in Rome, 5 ★★★★★

It is hard to chose in Rome the best gelato. Even the ones that  are not artisanal are so awesome and it is clear that there is more than just a gelato, is a way of enjoying life and its best desert. Every time when I am in Rome I am in a quest for the best of….everything you know about Italians, pizza pasta gelato wine.

In many guides I found this recommandation for Il Gelato di Claudio Torcè, on the Aventin boulevard, near the Circus Maximus, . First of all I love that is out of the tourist paths so it makes it less crowded and more authentic. If it caters for locals than it must be great. Second of all the taste is great and makes it the best, or my best, and deserves 5 stars.

I went there in a morning, walking down from the Colosseum, not a hot day, just enough to really want and need an ice-cream. I was not disappointed of anything there, nice people and good service. Just to know it is hard to see as it is not too obvious. The selection was large and maybe sometimes too large for me, as I’d rather have less choice like in Pastificio. I had a celery ice cream,……well it was an experience not to repeat. But the coffee and black chocolate where amazing.



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