105 euros flight Bucharest to Brussels for World Beer Day in August

I continue my series of world days with another great one, the beer day. It is obvious that it should take place in hot summer days and it is so, in the first Friday of August each year. I was thinking where should I go and decided for Brussels because of the largest selection of beers in pubs, not particularly for the consumption. It is mandatory to visit Delirium pub, the Guinness winner for the offer of more than 2000 beers. Taste also the Delirium brand, the pink elephant, highly alcoholic.


Here is a perfect flight just for the weekend, good hours at return just to have a rest before Monday. I would recommend if you are 4 to rent a car from Charleroi and seek accommodation near the very city center of Brussels as parking is free in weekend. Also there are 2 hours drive to Gant and Bruges if you are passionate about old architecture and the famous Venice of the north, Bruges. Personally I am not a fan except the Hobbit, a great restaurant. Book well in advance your accommodation as it tends to be expensive. If you have more than a weekend than Koln is 3 hours drive from Brussels, the same is Paris or Amsterdam. You can also check flights from Charleroi airport, one of the biggest airport for low cost flights. I took flights from there to Gran Canaries several times.

Here is the flight, mores dates available at the same price.

Note that we are not an online tourism agent and do not provide services of any commercial type. We just share what we find and give you suggestions about great destinations in the best periods.


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