Monday, my special day to plan a cheap getaway in Europe

It is a Monday in February, and I am longing for an escape in a city break in Europe. I don’t know for you but sometimes I just wanna have a ticket for this week-end and hit the road. Also I love famous capitals like Paris or London, but they became too expensive and I don’t have this feeling anymore of freedom. Everything costs there and it is too much.

So I decided to have a personal list of cheap cities in Europe and I found also online resources about price comparison.  Check also numbeo a website specialized in cost of living comparison.

#1 – Warsaw


This is why this city makes it on the list of affordbale vacations
The modern skyscrapers of Warsaw

Warsaw is the sprawling capital of Poland. Warsaw had a turbulent history, and the variety in architecture reflects this; from Gothic churches to Soviet-era blocks to modern skyscrapers. After WW II, the people of Warsaw restored the the city’s Old Town. Here you’ll find pastel buildings and open-air cafes.

Prices in Warsaw

#2 – Prague

(Czech Republic)

This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations
The Charles Bridge, crossing the Poltava river

Second on the list of affordable vacations is Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. Nicknamed “The City of a Hundred Spires” it’s known for its Old Town Square. This is the heart of its historic core.

Prices in Prague


Two-thirds of the population in Prague uses metro, trams and buses to get around. The metro will go over long distances in a matter of minutes. For those distances that are not reachable by metro, taking a tram from the nearest metro station will do.

#3 – Riga


This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations
The cultural center of Riga

Riga is number 3 on our list of affordable vacations. Riga is capital city which is located on the Baltic Sea. It’s considered a cultural center and is home to many museums and concert halls.The city is also known for its wooden buildings and medieval Old Town. In Old Town you’ll find Livu Square, which is filled with bars and nightclubs.

  • Prices in Riga

This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations

According to Airbnb, in late spring the average price for an accommodation is $57 per night for 1-4 people. In summer it’s on average $58 for 1-4 people.

Riga has 9 tram lines, 19 trolleybus routes and 53 bus routes that operate from as early as 05:00 to as late as 01:00. The most efficient way to get around Riga is by bus, due to the 53 bus routes and the regular timetables.

#4 – Barcelona


This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations
View over Barcelona from Park Güell

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia and one of the main Spanish cities. It is well-known worldwide and appears on many student’s bucket list. This Spanish city is mostly loved for its breathtaking Mediterranean architecture. Barcelona is home to Antonio Gaudi’s architecture but also to one of the best foot ball clubs in the world, Barcelona FC.

Prices in Barcelona

This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations

Almost every hostel in Barcelona has a very high rating. The average ratings of hostels in Barcelona is 8.5 and there is availability of free WiFi in almost all accommodations. On average, dorms cost 25 dollars a night and private rooms go for 150 dollars a night.

Barcelona has a total of 11 metro lines going to various places in the city. This makes travelling throughout the city less tiresome. Moreover, the city has busses operating throughout the entire city as well. Don’t like taking the metro or the bus? Barcelona offers transportation by tram, although this is less popular among regular users of public transport.

#5 – Lisbon


This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations
bright-colored Mediterranean street in Lisbon

Lisbon, home to one of the greatest explorers of all times, Vasco da Gama, is the capital city of Portugal. This coastal city was built on the hills. Lisbon is made up of very bright-colored Mediterranean buildings. Filled with numerous restaurants and bars that are quite cheap, Lisbon can also fall under the category of affordable vacations in Europe.

Prices in Lisbon

This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations

Being the capital city, the public transport is easily accessible. According to statistics about tourism in Lisbon, it has one of the most cost-efficient public transportation systems. You can travel around Lisbon by taking metro which is the quickest way to get around the city. The other option is to take the bus or tram, by which you can reach all parts of the city and its outskirts.

Please feel free to add more in comments.


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