3 good reasons why you shouldn’t go to Paris for valentines

I know we are in loved and dream about spending valentines in Paris, the city of lights and love, as the supreme proof of love and romantics. And honestly who wouldn’t want that. Maybe only those who have spent one, either Paris or Berlin or other European capital. As being one of the last ones I definitely would stay home this year or I would go to a spa in my home town, not Therme as it is too crowded.

So here are my 3 good reasons not to travel for valentines, especially city breaks. I think a ride by car in southern Spain or Italy would be better, stopping at a local taverna or Tratoria, staying at a bed and breakfast.

1. This period everything is too expensive and the society forces you to behave romantically in a large group of people, to buy romantic gifts, when for me, romantic is to walk hand in hand along the river Seine.

coffee price

coffee price

2. It is too crowded to be a romantic city getaway. In the same time whit you will be another thousands landing in airports to spend the same romantic experience in the city of love. It will be hard to walk hand in hand along Rue De Rivoli or in Tuileries Gardens, to have a table at a good restaurant or tickets to a show.1

3. And in top of that it is mid February and it is very cold in Europe. In Paris the wind is blowing and takes off all the desire to walk or to have a ride with the famous bateaux mouches on Seine.paris in february

What would I do instead? I would stay home and go to a spa or I would wait and spend valentines the weekend before or after 14th of February. Make it different and to remember. If wanna spend in winter then have the city for yourselves.


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