Amsterdam, 4 things to return for that are not cultural

I know I said in my previous post, about the don’ts of Amsterdam, that Amsterdam is a destination in decline for tourists. Even if I keep my opinion, there are still things to return for in Amsterdam, that are less touristic and less cultural oriented, or in fact which are not tourist traps.

I wandered this weekend what would be my top things to return for in Amsterdam as I found a great flight departing from there to Asia.  I do not mention the art as it is by itself  alone a reason to return. It was not difficult to find so here we go:

  1. a walk in Jordaan neighborhood, even an accommodation there for a night ( though it is quite expensive and low quality, like most of the 3 stars in Amsterdam). Have a beer on a small terrace or just relax on a bench and look at the canals. It is really reinvigorating and relaxing in the same time. You are far from the very center of Amsterdam, which makes it more authentic.jordaan
  2. A pause in the hidden park of Begijnhofkapel. I come back every time only for the feeling of discovering a secret again and again.begijhof
  3. while in that area indulge yourself in the authentic dutch fast food at Fribo – you find them scattered throughout the city center. It is not great taste but it go so well with a beer, a Heineken of course. It is an interesting system of self service mixed with vending machines. After this caloric bomb, don’t stop and have a portion of the famous dutch or belgian fries at Manneken Pis, a shop closed to the central station, that is always full.
  4. if it is a warm day then take the ferry, cross the river and go to NDSM, a favourite place for events, festivals, food on the bench of the river, a favorite spot for the locals. Check events on NDSM Stichting NDSM-werf

Have a look at our list of events to choose something that could be more of an experience that just visiting and checking a list of top attractions chosen by a majority that maybe does not meet your expectations.


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