133 euros best direct flight to Nice from Bucharest, to see blossom lavender fields of Provence

Admit we all love lavender fields. There is an almost miraculous attraction in the color and the view. I stop every time near a lavender blossom field, and one of the best I saw in Bulgaria on the way to Varna from Russe.

But my deepest desire is to see lavender fields in France. When to go: To catch the prairies of lavender in full bloom the best time to visit is between the end of June to mid-July (this depends on the rainfall throughout the year). From mid-July to mid-August harvesting takes place and this is a cause for celebration. So if you do make it to Provence during the summer, be sure to celebrate lavender with some of the region’s famous Rosé Wines.

The best flight price is at the end of june with BlueAir. Other dates are available and there are some direct flights with Wizzair but at arround 180 euros.

The Ryanair route to Marseille, the capital city of La Provence region, is not opened yet.

Note that we are not an online tourism agent and do not provide services of any commercial type. We just share what we find and give you suggestions about great destinations in the best periods. Just follow the link to book by yourself.



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