La Boccaccia in Trastevere Rome, the 5★★★★★ pizza

Today is the World Pizza day and if you are not in Naples but in Rome you would want to have a pizza day celebration. So do you look for the best pizza in Rome? I found it in my last trip to Rome, in Trastevere, away from the tourist traps of 12 euros pizza menu restaurants near the Trevi fountain.

I stopped there on my way to the best view in Rome, la Fontana dell’Acqua Paola near Janiculum terrace. I love the Trastevere neighborhood, it is my favorite place in Rome, very similar to Marais in Paris. Just be very careful as you can miss La Boccaccia, this small pizza shop, as it is not so visible.

Inside is heaven on earth, a selection of pizzas like never seen and also the recipes are so unusual for me. It sells by kilo and if you are like me then you’ll have a selection of various styles…. But the taste is divine! Don’t miss it.


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