There are still reasons to return to Tel Aviv

I have a strange attraction towards Tel Aviv in spite of a bunch of things that are very disturbing to me as I mentioned in my previous post. I don’t change my mind about the stars I gave to the capital of Israel, but I wondered myself why I still keep coming back if it has so many disadvantages.

It is outrageously expensive and loud, but they are beautiful people and full of live. So here is what I think makes me come back:

  1. accommodation in Florentin quarter and shopping or better watching in Levinsky market and all the art galleries. It is really beautiful, the streets and the bougainvillea flowers in blossom. I love to walk and have a coffee.tumblr_omqy3lwvci1uehfp8o1_r2_1280.jpg
  2. a day in Old Jaffa and the beach. Start from this little gem of antiquity and go to the beach or a run in the park nearby. At noon, when the heat is too high to bear, go to Carmel Market and have a juice or fresh fruits.
  3. for art lovers is a must to visit the Contemporary Art Museum in Tel aviv, at least for it’s architecture. The expos that I saw there when I visited were not great but the building worth the effort and the entrance ticket.


There are of course a lot of other things to make you visit Tel Aviv, if not only for the famous night life, or a spiritual trip to Jerusalem. At least for me it was a very moving experience.


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