6 exotic or strange destinations in Eastern Europe to explore in 2018

Brac Island, Croatia


The Dalmatian Isles off the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea are known around the world for their beauty. Brac Island is one of the largest in the archipelago, and is home to one of the best beaches in Europe – the Zlatni Rat.
Hill of Crosses, Lithuania


The Hill of Crosses is a site of religious pilgrimage for Roman Catholics. Over the years, pilgrims have placed many crucifixes, statues of the Virgin Mary, and rosaries on the site. Although its exact origins are unknown, there are believed to be over a 250,000 crosses on the hill.
Moravian Karst, Czech Republic


The Moravian Karst is one of the Czech Republic’s foremost natural landmarks. Located near the town of Blansko, this protected nature reserve includes over 1,100 caverns and gorges for you to explore.
Crooked Forest, Poland


This forest is part man-made, consisting of hundreds of pine trees that were planted circa 1930. There’s nothing unusual in that, but the way the trees are shaped is highly unusual. They are thought to have been bent into a curved shape using an unknown technique.
Tatev Monastery, Armenia


Sitting high atop a basalt plateau near the village of Tatev, this monastery was constructed in the 9th Century. Some 200 years after its construction, more than 1,000 monks and artisans called the Tatev Monastery home.
Gergeti Trinity Church, Georgia


Perched on top of a mountain in the Caucasus mountain range, this church was built in the 14th Century. It sits in an isolated and unspoiled area of Georgia that overlooks the Chkheri River, and is a popular resting spot for trekkers. You’d better be fit if you want to see it – it’s a three-hour climb to get there.

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