Sardinia or the formal Atlantis. 111 euros flight Bucharest to Alghero

There is more to Sardinia than the beaches like Seychelles. New evidences suggest that Sardinia is the real Atlantis like described by Plato. I would absolutely recommend you to take a trip inland to see Su Nuraxi fortress dating more than 2000 years before Christ in the Bronze Age when Plato first placed Atlantis. The architecture is typical for the lost civilization and so similar to the symbol of Atlantis, concentrical circles.

Here is a flight for the weekend with Wizzair membership card. More dates available at higher prices. You can find cheaper but with one transfer. Book early your accommodation at it begins to be expensive.

Note that we are not an online tourism agent and do not provide services of any commercial type. We just share what we find and give you suggestions about great destinations in the best periods. Just follow the link to book by yourself.


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