Rainy days in holidays. There are still interesting things to do.

I often had rainy holidays and I usually got so mad about, until I realized I can do some things in this days. Well if it rains all your summer beach holiday, then it will be hard to be zen and find your inner peace.

Still here are some things I do in rainy days in my holidays, and I suggest you to try a part of them as it will be a calming sensation:

  1. I often accept and still go out with a huge umbrella. As I am not a big fan of crowds this is a special moment to be alone in the streets. I do like a rain in summer, not a cold one, and in a tropical destination. It is a moment for wonderful Instagram pics.
  2. If I did not planed museums, then it is a chance to go visit them in these days and have time to admire the master pieces. It will be crowded though, so be aware. We love the Louvre in Paris or the Museo del Prado in Madrid, but every city is likely to have a museum or two worth a visit. And with over 50 museums in Amsterdam — from the Van Gogh museum to the Rijksmuseum — there’s enough art to keep you occupied for a week of endless rain.
  3. People watching while I linger over cappuccinos in a cafe. Unexpected rain showers provide the perfect opportunity to duck into that quaint little cafe that caught your eye, and I particularly love Paris cafes. 
  4. I do shopping that is mandatory, like souvenirs or gifts, or covered farmers markets. I head to small boutiques or some big malls like BHB Paris or El Corte Ingles. I personaly love to go to local markets and have some street food and a drink.
  5.  Have a spa day. This might be one of the only things on your trip’s to-do list that didn’t need a rain check, so why not make it an all day affair? Extend that hour-long massage into two hours. Exfoliate away with a facial and a mineral scrub. Daydream in the steam room while you detox. You’ll soon laugh at the thought of your trip being ruined by a little rain. (That, or you’ve been in the steam room too long. You should probably get out.). If possible, book a massage in a covered outdoor cabana. You’ll reach new levels of zen during a hot stone massage while listening to the pitter patter of rain all around you. “It should rain more often,” you’ll say to yourself with a dazed smile.
  6. Indoor activities. If you’re not really a fan of museums or shopping, you can always do something more practical like joining a workshop. Cooking workshops are particularly popular but also wine tasting, board games cafes, even escape rooms.

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