Gran Canaria’s hidden spots

If my previous post made you book a holiday to Gran Canaria then keep in mind that there is more than the city of Las Palmas and the famous resorts of Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles in the south of the island. I would recommend though to book accommodation there as it caters mainly for tourists, but also for the sand dunes and the beautiful views of the mountains.maspalomas

If you are like me, then you would love hidden, secluded places and beaches. So here is some tips in Gran Canaria that are unknown to many tourist. They were for me too, even though I visited this island at least 4 times.


When you’re living or on holiday in Gran Canaria, venture beyond the beaches in the south of the island to discover:

Gran Canaria secret spots – high mountains

True to its volcanic origin, Gran Canaria has some spectacular mountain scenery where wind-sculptured peaks tower over rocky ravines. One of the best places to admire Gran Canaria’s dramatic scenery is Roque Nublo in the centre of the island.Imagini pentru Roque Nublo

The drive up there counts as breath-taking in itself, not to mention the views when you get there. See the best scenery on a hike – ask at a tourist office for information on the best routes.

Gran Canaria secret spots – hidden beaches

The best-known Gran Canaria beaches need no introduction and tourists flock to Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés in droves. If you’re looking to get off the beaten track and find a beach more to yourself, try Playa Boca Barranco.Imagini pentru Playa Boca Barranco

Located in Gáldar on the northwest coast, this sandy cove has the additional advantage of a natural pool with safe bathing sheltered from the Atlantic waves.

Gran Canaria secret spots – exploring the capital

Don’t miss a visit to Las Palmas, the island’s capital. This attractive colonial city has plenty to offer including an interesting cathedral, Christopher Columbus’ house and the lovely districts of Vegueta and Triana. Both boast traditional architecture, lots of small shops and boutiques, and a long list of cafés and restaurants.Imagini pentru Vegueta and Triana.

Gran Canaria secret spots – botanical gardens

Even at their driest the Canary Islands house a surprising variety of flora. Explore all of it at the Jardín Canario botanical Gardens in Tafira, just outside the capital. A visit takes you round the seven islands’ native trees and flowers.

Open daily from 9am to 6pm (7.30pm April to September), entrance is free. Guided tours are available (enquire online  You can get to the gardens easily by bus from Las Palmas or Maspalomas.Imagini pentru Jardín Canario botanical Gardens in Tafira

Gran Canaria secret spots – wild seas

Experience the power of the wild Atlantic at La Garita blowhole. Located between Gran Canaria Airport and Las Palmas, you get to the blowhole by walking south from La Garita beach. While the water doesn’t actually blow into the air like a traditional blowhole, the waves are sucked in and out with force via a large hole in the rocks.Imagine similară

Playa de las Mujeres

South Gran Canaria’s prettiest little natural beach is just west of Meloneras by Pasito Blanco marina. Also known as Pasito Bea, it’s a volcanic sand beach surrounded by smooth rocks and has an intimate and exotic feel.Imagini pentru playa las mujeres gran canaria

The water here is a vivid blue provided that the sea is calm and the snorkelling along the rocks on either side is excellent.

Las Mujeres beach is nudist but most nudists head 500 metres west to Montaña de Arena to strip off.

Charco Azul

The little west coast village of El Risco is the gateway to Charco Azul: a blue pool and waterfall about 30-minutes hike up the valley. The path is signposted and anyone in the village will point you in the right direction. The pool is at it’s bluest just after rain but the water is warmer in the summer.

Charco Azul pool and waterfall in north west Gran Canaria



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