Some weird traditions on Easter, part 2

What could the people of France possibly be telling their children when Easter morning arrives? Well, it all has to do with a special day called Silent Saturday. On the days leading up to Easter, the churches in France will stop ringing their bells as a sign of remembrance to the passing of Jesus. The explanation told to children is that the bells have stopped ringing because they have actually come out of their towers to fly to Rome to see the Pope. When the bells return to France, they drop colored eggs and bundles of candy for all of the children to enjoy. So suck on that, Easter Bunny.

Imagini pentru easter bells france

In Norway, it is Easter tradition to sit down with your family and read or watch murder mysteries together, so you can all try to figure out who the killer was together as a family. It has become such a big thing that many large companies actually go out of their way to prepare for the Easter massacre that the country’s citizens all hope for.

Most major television stations in Norway actually change their schedules so that they only show murder mysteries on Easter. Publishing companies will seek out novels about murder mysteries and actually postpone their release just so they can have them ready for Easter. Milk companies even have special cartons made so people can read mini murder mysteries off of their milk labels in the week leading up to Easter.Imagine similară

Nearly every country celebrates Easter with some sort of large dinner, and Poland is no exception to this. Of course, they manage to crazy it up over there, via the centerpiece, something known only as the butter lamb.

The name is no misnomer; a butter lamb is a lamb made entirely out of butter. They’re usually crafted by hand, but in the last few decades lamb molds have come into popular use, due to their ability to make a more realistic-looking lamb for your table. What is the butter lamb used for? Well it somehow signifies the start of Spring, and you eat it. You eat butter that has had hands rubbed all over it to give it the shape of a lamb. Good going, Poland.Imagini pentru butter lamb


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