Gran Canaria, 10 DON’Ts about this 4★★★★ destination

Well, not everything is great even in the best paradise and Gran Canaria doesn’t miss a lot of things you might not like about. About the good tips or dos I would not comment as the web is full of them and for a good reason. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great destination. It is in fact a paradox – an island in the middle of the Atlantic, similar more to African deserts than to one in the Mediterranean, but still a Spanish land that makes it so loved by Germans and British travelers. And of course all the other nations of EU.

When traveling there, as to my personal experience, you tend to have some expectations and I believe it is the mission of each travel blogger to show also the ugly part of famous destinations, not to convince travelers to avoid but to have correct expectations and therefore a great holiday getaway.

So here is what I didn’t loved about this island:

  1. first of all don’t rent a car as I did, because the roads in the mountains are narrow and steep and full of curves.
  2. anyway there are not a lot of things to see there by yourself, so please take a mountain guide to show you exactly what to see. Check my post about hidden Gran Canaria.
  3. this is a poor region of Spain, with a special status, so there are good and bads about this. Las Palmas is a city that lack a little bit of renovation, like the other ones in this island, but the prices for luxury goods are cheaper. Pay attention of fakes.
  4. If you are looking for lush green palm trees like in Bahamas then don’t come here!
  5. if you are looking for beaches and diving spots like in Asia, you are not in the right island. It is very rocky and the water somehow misses the turquoise color.
  6. Summer is very hot and a walk on the dunes of Maspalomas can leave you breathless.
  7. If you choose Playa del Ingles then be aware that this is the gay capital of Europe for summer beach entertainment. Just to know and if you have a problem then avoid this resort. There are plenty of others more family oriented like those in Puerto Rico.
  8. The language you’ll hear the most is probably German or British. They moved here with all their chains of supermarkets so it is cheap to stay for months there.
  9. It is also a paradox – Playa del Ingles is the gay capital, full of retired Brits and Germans. What a nice combination, a proof for the tolerant spirit of Spain.
  10. There are also a lot of swing clubs…..not the family resort you could imagine, right?

Even with this disadvantages Gran Canaria is a destination to visit. It is not as famous as its sister island, Tenerife, or not that beautiful as Fuerteventura but the feeling of freedom and relaxation is unbelievable. For me is better than a Greek or Asian island.




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