The best 5★★★★★ lamb I ever ate was in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria.

I like lamb but in my country I have to wait for Easter to really and fully enjoy at a fair price. So, no surprise that my first choice when I ate a restaurant in Playa del Ingles was the lamb, a quarter to be frank. My expectations where not deceived by the cook. on the opposite, my entire 7 days holiday I ate at that restaurant.

So the name of this place is Bei Lelo , in Jumbo commercial center in Playa del Ingles, at the 2nd floor. Always full, awful service, but the cook really compensates for the lack of the service and decoration and atmosphere of this place. What to expect though, we are in a commercial center not on Champs Elysee.  And they are German so….simple food, a lot of calories and great beer.

I definitely come back despite all the other true bad reviews about this place that you find on TripAdvisor.


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