Why Shanghai wouldn’t be a return travel destination for me

I was in Shanghai few times in my previous business life and I was always disappointed about. Yes it is a great city in terms of buildings and skyscrapers and technology, but I always had the feeling that the progress doesn’t belong to the people. 

Also when travelling for business you tend to see a different life, more correct, than in holidays where I always went so relaxed and with my eyes opened only for good memories.

But I always had the time to visit a bit and especially to get in contact with the people working there and get off the beaten touristic paths. So here is what I never liked in Shanghai:

  1. there is a big difference between classes and this I cant bear as a tourist. I can’t see old people struggling for life and trying to survive selling street food and small things in the streets between the 5 stars hotels near Bund. There is no social security system in China.Imagini pentru old lady shanghai selling street foodImagini pentru old lady shanghai selling street food
  2. it is so crowded that walking in the streets is a torture. What could you possibly like about that, what can you sense….Imagine similară
  3. the amount of fakes sold in the shops and even in a dedicated shopping mall is overwhelming. Imagini pentru shopping mall for fakes in shanghai
  4. the pollution is at it peak in China and especially industrial cities like Shanghai. When landing I never saw the city but a yellowish fog covering the skyscrapers.Imagine similară
  5. there is no real traditional sites to visit in Shanghai. Other cities in China might be more suitable for a visit from this point of view.
  6. the real Chinese food is disgusting according to my taste, except the duck, and so different from the Chinese one in Europe. The European wok is just a rice with vegetables or chicken and a little bit of soy sauce, that is why we love it.
  7. even KFC has a different taste, and comes with rice not fries!Imagini pentru kfc in shanghai menu
  8. i find the habit of selling wild endangered animals in pharmacies as supplements powders, a outrageous one. I understand tradition but we must evolve in thinking that tiger powder could increase your sexual performance.Imagine similară
  9. they are loud in the streets, they kind of lack a sense of respect, and they have a bad habit to spit. When I was eating in the streets it was very disturbing.Imagini pentru they spit in shanghai
  10. it is still a communist country, very regulated and strict.Imagini pentru square shanghai
  11. everything is gold covered- furniture in hotels, signs of cars…..it is a Chinese thing.


What I loved the most were dumplings, ducks and Maglev train. Also the view from the 32nd floor of my hotel over the bund.Imagine similară


2 thoughts on “Why Shanghai wouldn’t be a return travel destination for me

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