Yet another difficulties for tourists in China

Yesterday, in my post about Shanghai being a no return travel destination for me, I omitted some important information to take into account when travelling to China, for business or leisure. This is from my own experience so don’t take it at a general guidance.

  1. have copies of documents to take with you when going out, but keep the originals at your hotel. Don’t minimize the importance of travel insurance.
  2. exchanging money at airport is a big NO, or even at the hotel. Go to a bank, it is more safe and more convenient.
  3. the language, spoken and written, is a living hell for westerners. To manage in the city, take with you business cards of the hotel, restaurants or places where you wanna go. If no business card available then a photo is a must.
  4. maybe knowing some words for directions and toilet could make a difference in the quality of your travel but don’t try to hard. Have pics. It is better.
  5. rural industrial China is a NO for tourists. Remember it is China and not Thailand, and locals are not very friendly or tourist oriented. Sometimes I feel they are reluctant, even aggressive.
  6. don’t patronize them. They are very proud , independent and have no sense of inferiority. So be careful and know some history. Reading the book of Henry Kissinger on China is a plus.
  7. absolutely don’t make them loose face when negotiating!
  8. in business, as to my experience they can’t say NO but this is an issue as I never knew if they understood or no what I asked.
  9. the new religion in China is MONEY and not Confucianism…..unfortunately and it can be sensed a lot.

It is still a country to visit, as an experience once in a lifetime.


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