3 things why I’ll first think of Spain for a holiday

Summer is just around the corner and I just can’t wait to take a holiday. Budget is low this year so the best option is Europe and there are a lot too choose for exotic beaches.  When I think of summer holidays the first country that pops in my head is Spain. I tried to think why this happens to me every time I plan a holiday and the answer was so easy and obvious. It is not about the nature or architecture that Spain is my number one choice but the combination of the 3 reasons below. Yes, architecture in Barcelona is great or the Alhambra; yes, the mountains can be quite impressive when snow covers their peaks. But we can find better or more impressive sights in another countries.

  1. People makes the difference with any other European country. I had never had such a feeling of tolerance, calm, joy and kindness. It is a different sensation than that I felt in Asia where the culture is intriguing and more hidden to our European eyes. I had Spanish colleagues and they resumed me their life philosophy, especially after Franco era: for them it is important to have money and time to go out, have a cervesa with friends and family. This culture of going out, mixture of ages and acceptance is for me, unique in Europe. Imagini pentru spain dinner out
  2. Food that goes hand in hand with the eating out philosophy. Food is just too amazing and simple, a combination of Mediterranean and Arab roots that had create such simple dishes like paella valenciana. I always eat in Spain at small taverns, where locals eat “el menu del dia” and I strongly recommend you to do so. Or in markets. A hamburguesa completa is a must while in Spain.Imagine similarăImagini pentru hamburguesa completa
  3. weather is the number 3 reason. Where in Europe can you have 20 degrees for New Years Eve? In Malaga this is for sure, although there are chances for rain. For the perfect weather in winter head to Gran Canarie, a European island at Tropic of Cancer, a paradise of Spanish sea sun sand.lpa2





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