Norbert Francis Attard, a Maltese contemporary artist that worth a trip to Gozo just for himself

I found by mistake a work of art, an installation, of this unknown artist for me…and just felt in love. Well, I love to discover, and the thrill of unveiling new artists that reflects my perceptions, is just somehow too exciting not to share.

Therefore for all of you travelling to Malta, please please please pay a visit to the studio of Norbert Francis Attard. What I see is at international level and I am sure it could be an experience that will always change your memories about Malta as a destination. I also discovered that Malta is the capital of crafts in Europe so I think arts have a history here, also remembering that the 450 000 inhabitants are the product of a melting pot of civilizations.

Norbert Francis Attard, born in Malta in 1951 is an artist working in several disciplines such as painting, printing, sculpture, video and photography. Not many resources online but just check the website for further details.


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